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We represent several  of the most competitive companies writing auto in the State of MA.

Check Out These Discounts on Your Auto Insurance Coverage - You May Be Eligible!

Combine your Auto and Homeowners / Tenants policies and receive 10% Credit!

Good Student
A,  B or better receives up to 10% credit.

Multiple Automobiles

You may be eligible for a large discount on Collision and Limited Collision sections of your automobile insurance coverage. The following criteria must be met to be eligible:Have 2 or more cars insured by the same company (applicable if single or married). No inexperienced operators listed on the insurance policy The vehicles carry collision coverage The vehicles are not used in business Low Mileage

If your annual mileage is 5,000 miles or less you are eligible for a 10% discount on premiums paid on most every section of your insurance policy! If you drive 5,001 to 7,500 miles per year a 5% discount would apply. This discount however, is not available for antique automobiles.

Public Transportation

If you take public transportation to work you may be eligible for a 10% discount on your insurance coverage on two sections of your coverage (Damage to Someone Else's property and Collision). This discount is valid up to a maximum of $75 per vehicle and you meet this criteria: 

You do not drive your automobile to work or school more than 10 days per month You provide us with evidence of purchase of 11 months of commuter passes 
(from qualified transit systems) Driver's Education Inexperienced drivers are eligible for a 10% discount on most sections of their insurance policy for the first 3 years after completing an approved driver's education course. 


You may be eligible for a 25% discount on sections like Bodily Injury and Personal Injury Protection of your insurance policy premium if your automobile is equipped with air bags or automatic seat belts.

65 or older

A discount of 25% for all coverages after all other discounts, except the Safe Driver Insurance Plan rating step, are applied on your insurance premium. This discount applies if there are no inexperienced drivers and the automobile is not used for business.

Company Discounts

There are many other discounts that may apply through the Insurance Companies we work with. For the best discounts and rates please contact William Palumbo Insurance Agency. We'll work hard for you to find you the best rates from the best Insurance Companies. 

Combine you auto and Homeowners / Tentants policies and receive 10% Credit!

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